Artist Statement

British-born artist Sean Hilton works primarily with movement and the physical nature of things. His work is fueled by textures and the amorphous nature of living, as well as the observation of non-human structures and how their architectures can inform deeper understanding of the body.
Hilton uses points, lines, and curves as initiators to provide a lens with which to view the human condition and what lies beyond that experience. Hilton uses points, lines, and curves literally as places in the body and the distance between those places, as well as conceptual tools to cultivate movement. Points become points in time, experiences, memories and moods. Lines become the journey between those places and the experience of moving from one idea to the next. Curves become vessels for giving and receiving.
Engaging the heart, mind, and body in the present is vital to Sean’s work, and currently he is exploring the passing of energy, and the power and responsibility that comes with it. 


Sean Hilton spent three seasons with River North Dance Chicago Company performing works by Robert Battle, Lauri Stallings, Lynn Taylor-Corbett, Kevin Iaega Jeff, Julia Rhodes and Harrison McEldowney, among others. Later, Sean spent two seasons with the NYC-based Armitage Gone! Dance. While with AG!D he toured throughout the U.S. and Europe, and performed at the Joyce theater NYC and Jacob's Pillow. He has also danced with the Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre and Columbia Classical Ballet. Sean has been on faculty at The University of South Carolina, The Northwest Florida Ballet, Ballet Tennessee, The Lou Conte Dance Studio, River North Dance Chicago, Thodos Dance Chicago, and Atlanta Ballet Center for Dance Education. After relocating to Atlanta in 2012, Sean danced with Lauri Stallings' gloATL and was principal of their educational platform gloSCHOOLHOUSE, from 2013 to 2014. During the same year he was the Program Coordinator for ChopArt, an organization empowering homeless youth to practice self-expression through artmaking. Sean is a Founder and Co-Artistic Director of the Atlanta collective Fly on a Wall.
Sean has recently made works for the Human Rights Campaign Gala, Atlanta Ballet's Fellowship Ensemble, Atlanta Ballet's Wabi Sabi, Fly on a Wall, The Northwest Florida Ballet, and as a Walthall Fellow for Portalism, a group show at The Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia.
"...But what became clear over time spent with the piece was that Hilton wasn’t responding as much to the content of the story as to the sound of the voice, and the pace and tone of the storyteller." - Andrew Alexander, ArtsATL

photo by Ian Warren Carney