Sean Hilton - Co-Artistic Director and Program Coordinator, Fly on a Wall
Fly on a Wall thrives on artists of all backgrounds coming together to create art that lives at the junction of whit, risk, and meaningful experiences. Their work shifts audiences perspectives by creating an interface of artistic mediums that is guided by a strong theatrical sensibility and and an extensive movement vocabulary.

Since their inception in 2014 Fly on a Wall has created eight works including multimedia performances, installations, and four original dance films. They have been presented by Dashboard, the Alliance Theatre, Art on the Atlanta Beltline, Synchronicity Theatre, the City of Duluth and the Marietta Performing Arts Center. They have offered community classes for dancers and non-dancers alike, and have been recognized as Distinguished Fellows by the Fulton County Arts Council with a scholarship to the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences.

Fly on a Wall’s work best reveals itself through inventive theatrical elements that often manifest as performative structures. These elements are integral to the work and allow the audience new dimensions with which to view it.

Performance structures that Fly on a Wall has created include: large plexiglass prisms for Art on the Atlanta Beltline, a tandem bicycle generating power for a light bulb in Dashboard’s Shifting Scapes, an abstract home made of 20 ft. floor to ceiling paper panels inside an abandoned castor factory, and collaboration with Dashboard and the Alliance Theater on a fully interactive installation for babies 0-24 months old. Once completed, each of these structures housed Fly on a Wall’s unique blend of movement and theater.

Fly on a wall is writing a new chapter in how dance and theater are mirroring what is happening in our community and around the world. They are in the center of a creative and imaginative expression that is manifesting into a platform that is about now; about what matters. It is the new edge.
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